Ameraucana Chickens

Ameraucana Chickens

I think Ameraucana chickens are a little bit special. They are one of the few breeds of chickens that lay blue eggs. Did you know there are only 1 or 2 other breeds of chickens that lay blue eggs?

Secondly they have these lovely little facial muffs and beards. It seems this is the one and only instance in life where it is socially acceptable for ladies to have beards and muffs as good as the men’s.

Ameraucana Chickens - chickens that lay blue eggs

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The Ameraucana Chickens can be gentle, calm and friendly making them good pets as well as dual purpose breeds (eggs and meat). They are also described as skittish, aggressive, aloof, unfriendly and flighty.

Why the discrepancy? It’s estimated that approximately 95-99% of chickens sold as “Ameraucana chickens” aren’t actually Ameraucanas at all. They are actually Easter Eggers.

“Easter Eggers” are simply chickens that lay blue eggs but don’t meet the APA requirements for a true breed. i.e. Easter Eggers are simply mongrel bred chickens that lay blue, green or pink eggs.

Although many hatcheries and unethical breeders imply their chickens are Ameraucana’s most are in fact Easter Eggers. This means they are not suitable as show birds. If your aim is to show your birds, be very careful about who you choose to source your Ameraucana Chickens from.

If however the only reason you want Ameraucana chickens is to have chickens that lay blue eggs you’ll probably find Easter Eggers good substitutes.

Good Layers

Ameraucana Chickens are one of the better egg laying chicken breeds because of their extended laying season. It lasts and impressive 10-11 months of the year. Despite the length of their laying season however Ameraucana chickens do have a tendency to go broody. Their tendency to go broody drops their status from excellent layers to good layers.

Ameraucana chickens were developed in the USA and admitted into the APA as late as the mid 1980s. This makes them one of the newest recognised breeds of chickens on the planet.

While Ameraucana chickens are happy to free range, their diet, like most other breeds of chickens, will need more than they can find from foraging alone. A good commercial feed mix will help balance their diet out wonderfully.

While we don’t advocate this at all, Ameraucana chickens also do well in a confined area. If your space is limited remember to provide them with plenty of toys to keep them entertained. Also ensure you don’t over-crowd their living space with too many other chickens.

Unlike some of the other pure breeds, Ameraucana chickens are quite hardy. They do well in most climates with their small rose combs and absent wattles making them particularly good candidates for frosty conditions.


Ameraucana Chickens – Characteristics

Sizes Bantam
Colours Black
Blue Wheaten
Brown Red
Temperament Varies
Comb type Pea
Egg production 150 – 250 per year
Purpose Dual purpose breed
Climate Suitable for all climates
Suitable for free range? Yes
Suitable for confined conditions Yes

Ameraucana chickens in action in the chicken coop

The key differences between Ameraucana Chickens, Araucana Chickens and Easter Eggers explained



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